Project 1

I Spy Something Brown

This painting turned out to be somewhat of an impulse buy. I was sourcing for another client when I came across this intriguing work by Pam Mcdonnell. I instinctively knew the perfect home for it. That night I texted my client and within days this piece was on its way to Texas! We were not even shopping for this room but it was written in the stars that this painting needed to go to this dining room. Those antlers were even already on the buffet!

Pam McDonnell and Stephanie King, I Spy Something Brown, acrylic, gouache, and oil on treated paper on panel, 57 x 64 in

Project 2

Backlit Beauties

This project required some outside-the-lines thinking. The paintings needed to be traditionally lit from above as well as backlit. The client also wanted the lights to be “smart.” For the backlighting, we used LED tape lights and installed Alexa-capable outlets behind the painting. Then we installed minimal LED spots and connected them to Alexa-capable switches. “Alexa, turn on the art!”

Darren Goins, 118r (headquarter), acrylic and urethane on etched acrylic panel, 24 1/2 x 20 1/4 in
Darren Goins, 123r (bushes), 2018, acrylic and urethane on etched acrylic panel, 24 1/2 x 20 1/4 in

Project 3

When It’s Just Perfect

The pieces in this room came together so seamlessly it was almost too good to be true, except it isn’t because it actually happened. This combination of beauty and functionality so impeccably representative of the client’s taste is goalz.

Ian Davenport, Cobalt Blue Hue, 2020, acrylic on aluminum mounted on aluminum panel, 31 x 40 5/8 in

Project 4

Word and Image

The artist graciously wrote a few words to accompany the installation of his bronze sculpture in the clients’ casual dining area. The theme of priorities and life choices together with the fairly indestructible nature of bronze make this sculpture a safe choice in a household of young kids.

Jim Rennert, Balancing Act, 2005, bronze, 19 x 36 x 19 in

Project 5

Collecting as Commemoration

It feels especially satisfying when I am able to find the perfect piece to commemorate a big milestone. In this case, it was a graduation and this piece all about finding one’s true self feels particularly poignant. Against the dark navy wall, the sculpted-turned-sculptor feels right at home.

Lara Zankoul, Living Statue, photograph, 48 x 36 in